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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Story Mapping

Character name: Sam (one of the characters)
What does the character look like: He's a kid around 10 years old, he has dirty blonde hair, and he is kind of short.
How does the character act: He doesn't talk much anymore since his mom passed away but if i were to sum up his actions I would say he is a loner.
How do the other characters in the story react to this character: Everyone in his life is trying to help him with the one thing he will talk about... His crush on a girl at school.

What is the conflict: All of the people in the movie have the same thing in common, they're unhappy and they don't know what to do about it.
Why does this conflict occur: They all neglected the fact that if they want something, like love, they can't be afraid to go out and get it.
What are some ways the conflict could be resolved: Some ways the conflict could or could have been resolved is-they all could have faced their fears and confronted who they loved the most. Another way is that some of the characters could have been more cautious with their actions and how they affected them.

How is the conflict resolved: Every one in the movie ends up with who they want to be with because they took a chance and got what they thought they'd never have.
What happens after the conflict is resolved: In the end all of the characters are happy and their lives are much easier.
How does the conflict and its resolution affect the character: If I was talking about one of the characters, lets say Sam, I think that the conflict affected him because it taught him how to talk to people about his problems and not keep it bottled up. The resolution affected him because it made him happier and showed him that not every story has a bad ending.

Place: London, England
Time: Present time, December around Christmas.
Environment: The weather was very cold and very snowy because it's in the middle of winter. The noises you would hear are all the noises you would hear in a city (cars, trucks, people, etc..).
The colors that I saw were all the Christmas colors (reds, greens), white from the snow, also gray because in winter its so dull looking.