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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Response to Part Two: My plan

Like my sister was at my age I am very confused about what I truely want to be. Deep down I have always wanted to major in english, and become a writer. My opinions have always had a way of flowing out of my mouth uncontrollably, as you may already know. My family suggested I put it all on paper a few years ago and I've been passionate about it ever since. I think that whatever I write could inspire people to follow they're dreams. Of course I'm not saying that I'm perfect at this. Writing is just something that I enjoy, and it's really the only thing that makes sense. Being a writer isn't all about writing fiction stories. I could write about the important things, like what we can do as a nation to help eachother. Ever since I started reading I loved the idea of being able to put something amazing on paper. After reading the article I started thinking about how small ideas can make big changes. Every person in this country should at least attempt to help. They just don't know it yet. Maybe my ideas will create ideas in other people. Every successful person living and breathing has had a dream some what like this. Every great plan begins with a dream, or an idea. All it takes is a little push and something amazing will happen. Writing probably seems really dull to some people, but it's the world to me. If I ever get the chance to help someone make a difficult discision then it will be worth it. Yes, it's going to take a lot of practice, but maybe someday what I write will make a difference. To me a single sentence can inspire millions of people. You never know... That could be my sentence.
If that doesn't work out for me I was thinking about public speaking or something like that. I've always had a problem with argueing and wanting my voice to be heard. Why fight it? I could argue about so many important things that obviously aren't being done. For example when George Bush was in office I used to say "I just want to walk up to the white house and tell him he's old, dumb, and sounds funny!" :) To bad I never got the chance. ANYWAY... If I decide to follow this maybe I'll be able to reach the hearts of people and make them listen. Let's face it americans aren't good listeners.... Just kidding.
AND IF THAT DOESN'T WORK..... I might study law. I've been thinking about it lately and it sounds interesting. Look at it this way, if we didn't have people inforcing law and order we would be a mess, and that's all we need right now! All of my career ideas are alike in the same ways. It involves helping people, and making a difference. I know that if this is going to be my career I'm going to have to work extra hard, but who knows it might not be. I know that I should be thinking about a single career but hey this is me we're talking about here. Desicion making hurts my brain, but I do take things seriously. Like that article... I know I take things for granted like I said before. I also know that I should have changed my ways a long time ago. I suppose that every kid needs a wake up call. Personally I think have back up plans for my future is great, even though writing is what I'm aiming for. I hope that whatever I decide I will make a difference. Who knows...I could be famous someday. If so I'll send you a postcard.

Response to Part One: Someone to look up to

The assignment we were given was to write about someone who was making a difference. The second I read that I immediately thought of my sister. I know that we were told to write about somebody ALREADY making a difference, but she's GOING to make a difference someday.
For several years now my sister hasn't been able to decide what she wanted to do as a career. She went back and forth with so many different ideas which were all equally great. We called it her personal road block.
When my Grandfather died of cancer Dj over came her road block and decided to become a doctor. I know that in the article it stated doctors were probably one of the things that were being affected by our economy in a way. If people can't pay then docotor's can't help. Well the idea of my sister wanting to be around people who were going to die anyways confused me. I asked her why she chose this and she said, "I want to show people that a simple test is not the final answer. I want to save them because I couldn't save him." She was talking about my grandpa of course. To sum it all up, my sister wants to 'fix' people, and I think that's something to look up to.

To have that kind of goal takes a lot of thought and it isn't going to be easy for. She already knows that of course. Dj is the kind of person that finds problems and fixes them with no questions asked. I look up to her everyday, because everyday she teaches me something new. I know someday I'm going to have to grow up and find a way to help too... I hope that when I do decide she will be there guiding me. She's got the kind of spunk every 17 year old should have, and many of them do. The thing that makes her desicion special is the fact that her career choice is all about making people better, helping them, and succeeding in life. I also know that doctors are needed everywhere.
I have to be honest about the article... It got a little boring towards the end BUT I PAID ATTENTION. I remember it mentioning something about how the only way to fix all of our problems is starting from the bottom and working our way up. Well that screamed DJ to me. She's a senior and not yet starting her studies, I know, but she has a plan. And in that plan she wants to be somebody. If everyone was as driven as my sister then maybe that would be the beginning of fixing whatever problems we have.
I believe that Dj could make an impact on several people. She could show them that just because she comes from a small town she can still accomplish a goal. If you think about it America could do the same thing. Just because we have a bad economy now doesn't mean we can't work hard, set a goal, and get better later. Dj is going to give so many people a second chance at life, and that's worth writing about. I'm not just saying this because she's my sister. I'm writing about this because the whole idea is interesting to me.
I know that a lot of kids at the moment aren't even thinking of college or any kind of future. Mainly because they don't believe in themselves and its to expensive. I agree. It's a problem that needs to be dealt with. My sister mentioned something about President Obama to me today. She said that he had a lot of good ideas to help the U.S., and it also involved younger kids that can't afford medical care to get it all for free.
I'm probably way off base here but I think that what my older sister wants to do is the right thing. Not a lot of kids her age are willing to go that far and make that kind of commitment. Who knows what will happen in the next 4 years. Things could get worse or better. I've always thought that this country walks on thin ice every day. We will just have to see if we make it by a slide or break through the ice. What can anyone expect. America could have fixed this problem years ago, or prevented it from happening. I suppose we're the original procrastinators

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Paragraphs Below

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Point Of View Types

1st person: I could feels my knees start to give in as I make my way around the last corner of the track. All I had to do was sprint to the finish line and the first place ribbon would be mine. I let myself imagine the crowd screaming my name, “Emily!” Unfortunately it wasn’t that easy. My legs were beginning to cramp and sweat poured down off my brow, into my eyes. I couldn’t rub the sweat out of my eyes with out losing focus and allowing my competitors to get ahead of me, so I left my eyes to sting and blink uncontrollably. My white jersey stuck to my chest as I struggled to breath. The finish line was less than a foot away… Will I be able to make it?

3rd person: The girls were running quickly, feet pounding on the track. Angie was struggling for first. Next to her the girl in the white, Emily, was breathing heavily. Her struggled breathing could be heard a mile away. Sam's sweat began to make her yellow jersey stick to her skin and she couldn't get it off. All of the runners were very tired by the time they were on they're last lap. They had been fighting eachother for first for forever it seemed.

3rd person omniscient: It was up to the three runners in front. Only one girl could get that blue ribbon and all of the girls wanted it. Angie began to wheeze and her stomach was moving up and down rapidly under her orange jersey. She had never lost a race in her high school career and she knew that this race wasn’t going to be easy. Next to her Emily was struggling to get a lead in the race. Every time she got ahead somebody else would pop up next to her. Tears of pain slid down her cheeks. Meanwhile Sam was running steadily in her yellow uniform trying to make up a plan. How was she going to get ahead? She had been training for this moment for weeks, and she was waiting for the perfect moment to pick up speed. All three girls were waiting for that moment, watching they’re competitors losing energy slowly.

3rd person limited: Angie had never felt so tired. It was her senior year and her last race was so important to her. She glanced towards the bleachers and saw her coach shaking his head. She had to get ahead fast. After all that training she couldn't settle for anything but first. Her throat felt like it had been rubbed with sand paper. She began to breathe in and out slowly. She thought that maybe if she could get enough air she'd be able to sprint that last few feet. She was running out of time to decide. She could sense the other girls wanting to do the same thing. If she was going to win she had to move...NOW!

Journal Response

Journal: 3/5/09

I just finished the book. Yes Prim and Katniss were cool names. After reading awhile i'm guessing the book isn't based in present time but actually future. The hunger games was a really good book though. The Hunger games is all about all of the Districts having to send two kids each to the Capitol to fight to the death. The last child standing is the winner. One girl and one boy are taken from all the districts but they don't have a choice they have to send them to the games. They pick they're names out of kind of a raffle thing. Unfortunately noone wants to be picked. Prim's name gets chosen though! And Katniss volunteers to take her place, which eventually leads to her and her Peeta,who is the boy from her district, to win the Hunger Games!Anyways if i keep going i won't be able to stop :) really good book. But it's in a series so i'm going to try to find Book Two.