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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Journal Response

Journal: 3/5/09

I just finished the book. Yes Prim and Katniss were cool names. After reading awhile i'm guessing the book isn't based in present time but actually future. The hunger games was a really good book though. The Hunger games is all about all of the Districts having to send two kids each to the Capitol to fight to the death. The last child standing is the winner. One girl and one boy are taken from all the districts but they don't have a choice they have to send them to the games. They pick they're names out of kind of a raffle thing. Unfortunately noone wants to be picked. Prim's name gets chosen though! And Katniss volunteers to take her place, which eventually leads to her and her Peeta,who is the boy from her district, to win the Hunger Games!Anyways if i keep going i won't be able to stop :) really good book. But it's in a series so i'm going to try to find Book Two.