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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Response to WebQuest

PoEtRy QuEsT:

I decided to pick the poetry quest and challenge myself a little bit. The project was a little difficult to figure out since I had to post all my work on my blog, but I figured it out in the end. I've decided to give you a little bit of information on what a poem is and what I've learned about poems. I will list all the different kinds of poems and will even write a few of my own at the end. All of the example poems by the way are my own. I didn't copy, while I was learning I made them all on my own. That seems pretty simple right? Let's get started.

What is a Poem? A poem is basically a form of writing. Poems can represent something, tell a story, or have information in them. To sum it all up a poem can have whatever you want in it. Not all poems have to rhyme either. There are also many different kinds of poems.

Different kinds of poems: Hardly anything in life is the same, for example things come in different shapes and sizes. Poems are the same way.
Acrostic Poem- An Acrostic Poem is very fun to make. This is a poem that forms a word down the page. For example:

  • Helen
  • Yellow roses.

Normally you wouldn't have the little dots next to your poem but this is how it goes.

Couplets- Yes, it has a very weird name but it is in fact a poem. This is a simple two lined poem that rhymes. Also an easy way to remember how to write this poem is think of the word couple, which means two.

  • I love flowers but I hate bees.
  • I love rivers and climbing trees.

Triplets- This poem is very similar to a Couplet but instead of two rhyming lines it has three. This poem matches its name as well.

  • I call my grandpa pappy
  • Because he is so happy
  • Except when he acts crappy.

Quatrains- I learned that a Quatrain is a poem that has two Couplets in it. That is what makes it a Quatrain. (Your poem should make sense though.)

  • Andy went to school today
  • Down in the mouth and not wanting to play.
  • Lisa went and sat with him
  • And this made Andy grin.

I also have to add that it took me a few minutes to understand this poem. Notice that the two Couplets rhyme differently. After practicing it for a few minutes though I understood it.

Cinquain- Even though Cinquain kind of rhymes with Quatrain they are in fact two very different kinds of poems. A Cinquain is a five lined poem that doesn't necessarily rhyme. I got on the internet and studied a few of these poems and noticed that they are written in a diamond shape. They also have adjectives and adverbs in them, depending on how you write it.

  • Rain
  • Cold, damp
  • Dripping, freezing, splashing
  • I'm wet.

If you pay attention you will see that this poem starts with rain. It then goes on to describe the rain, and after that it describes what 'I' did in the rain. Finally ending with what 'I' am. I think the best way to sum up this poem is basically telling you to start with a subject, describe it, say what the subject does, and end with something that the subject means to you.

Free verse- The name of this poem says it all. I found out that this poem doesn't really have any rules to follow. You can set it up in any format that you want, and it doesn't have to rhyme.
You can do anything you want with this poem. (I chose to write it in a diamond format because that is how I saw it written most often.)

  • One day,
  • I will grow to be tall and strong.
  • No one will be able to tear me down or make me cry
  • I will make a name for myself
  • And I won't let anyone take my dreams from me.

Limerick- I have to be honest with you. A Limerick is a little bit tricky. I had to look at the format a few times to understand it. This poem combines a Couplet and a Triplet. Lines 1,2, and 5 rhyme with each other. Lines 3, and 4 rhyme with eachother too. You CAN'T mix this up though or it won't be a Limerick. (Honestly I'm not sure if my example is quite right, but I tried.)

  • I love to climb my trees.
  • I enjoy rolling in thier leaves.
  • But when their branches broke in a storm,
  • I couldn't climb them anymore.
  • Now all I can do is listen to the breeze.

In my defense though I would like to say that I did follow the form for my limerick. :)

Haiku- The Haiku poem is another intersting one. This poem has to have a whopping 17 syllables and you have to write it in three lines. Rhyming isn't necessary in this poem. The only thing you really need to focus on is the syllables. When I was writing mine I went through half of my note book...

  • When I was young
  • My mother would sing to me
  • Until sleep finally came.

With my Haiku poem if you count all the syllables you would get 17. It takes awhile but in the end its worth it.

Other things you put in Poems: When ever I hear the word 'poem' I automatically think about similies and metaphors. Well, these are only a few of the things I would need to know before actually starting my poems.

Similies- A similie is very easy to work with. Similies aren't just used in poems though, they can be used in regular sentences too. When using a similie you are comparing things with the words like or as.

  • He smelled as bad as a pig.
  • She gazed at me like a hawk.

That wasn't very hard was it? I like working with them, but if you do get mixed up that's ok.

Metaphor- I have always forgotten how to properly use a metaphor. YOU DO NOT USE LIKE OR AS WHEN YOU'RE WRITING A METAPHOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With a metaphor you're just describing or comparing things.

  • Angie was a leopard on the track.
  • Mark is a pig when it comes to his room.

In my first sentence Angie was a leopard, NOT like a leopard. In the next sentence Mark is a pig, NOT like a pig. (I would just like to say that Mark needs SERIOUS help........... just kidding.)

Alliteration- This is one of the other things that you should always keep in the back of your mind. An alliteration is where all the sounds in the beginning letters match.

Don't ditch detention Dave.

Remeber though that when using an alliteration it's about the SOUND matching not just the letters.

Personification- This is very fun. The name really says it all. Personification is basically describing something that isn't alive, like it really is alive.

The sun smiled down on us that day.

This isn't hard at all to get the hang of. Sun's don't smile.... That is so obvious.

Well now that I'm done telling you about all that I learned I'll write down a few more poems. You can try to guess which technique I used. :)

  • Math is so very boring
  • Especially in the morning
  • Even though my eyes grow weak
  • I try to fight the sleep.

  • Today I met the funniest man
  • And this funny man called himself Dan.
  • His arms wiggled like jello
  • And his hair was bright yellow.
  • But when Dan saw me... he ran...