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Thursday, May 7, 2009

WebQuest Two

EvErYoNe'S a StOrY tElLeR:

I decided to search the web for some interesting folk tales from a lot of different countries. After searching for a very long time I finally found a story that would be a nice challenge for me. I have chosen to rewrite a story from the Chinese culture. The story is called "The Scholar and the Headless ghost". I have changed the main characters name, and I have also changed a lot of the text. This was all apart of the assignment though, and I will list the original name below among other things.

Ji Kang- main character. Kang was a scholar, and I also learned that he was a great poet and musician in his time (224-262 A.D). He was also the leader of the Seven Sages of the Bamboo Forest School. (I have changed his name to Jay King to make it easier for younger children to read and understand.)
Seven Sages Bamboo forest school- I looked this up on the Internet and found: When things weren't going well in their government people would come together and discuss different things. These discussions included poetry and music. Some people were actually in the government, but were so disgusted with it that they abandoned it and chose to learn other things. This group also consisted of seven men, Ji Kang was one of them.
Lyre- Musical instrument that Ji Kang was originally playing. This is a stringed instrument in the shape of a U. It belongs to the harp family, and was used mostly by Greeks. (I changed it to where Ji Kang is playing a harp in my story. I thought it would be easier to explain a harp than a lyre in a story.)

The Scholar and the Headless ghost:
Jay King was smart in many ways, and liked to venture into the country every so often. One evening, when the sun was slowly setting, Jay decided to rest under a tree. He was all alone, and there was no one around. Jay took out his small harp and began to play a few songs.
Suddenly Jay King heard someone clapping. When he turned around he found that no one was there.
"Who is it?" He called into the darkness. A low moaning voice answered him and said, "I am a ghost. I have lived here for thousands of years, and when I heard you playing on your harp I couldn't help but clap."
"Will you come closer so that I can see your face?" Jay King asked.
"No," said the ghost, "I am an ugly ghost, and you wouldn't like the way that I look. Can I listen to you play for awhile?"
Jay King nodded and started to play a few more songs on his harp. His curiosity over came him though.
"You can come out now. It's dark, and I promise not to make fun of your looks." Jay King said. The ghost sighed and drifted out of the shadows. His looks weren't perfect at all. He in fact was a headless ghost, and as white as the moon that was above them.
"May I play your harp?" The headless ghost asked. Jay nodded and handed his harp over to the ghost. The Headless ghost played a few familiar songs, but Jay King noticed one song that interested him. The ghost agreed to teach Jay King this song if he promised never to teach anyone else.
"Thank you." Jay King finally said. The ghost's head smiled.
"Don't tell anyone about me. It's getting late now I think I should go. Thank you very much for bringing my dead heart back to life with your music."
"I'm sorry you have to go." Jay King replied.
"We've only known each other for awhile now, but it feels like we've been friends for years. Good bye." The ghost waved a white hand, and disappeared.
The End.
The message that this story is trying to put out is hard to understand, but if you think about it for awhile like I did it will make sense.
Notice that Ji Kang was very understanding about the ghost, and because of his kindness he was able to learn something valuable.