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Thursday, May 7, 2009

WebQuest Two

EvErYoNe'S a StOrY tElLeR:

I decided to search the web for some interesting folk tales from a lot of different countries. After searching for a very long time I finally found a story that would be a nice challenge for me. I have chosen to rewrite a story from the Chinese culture. The story is called "The Scholar and the Headless ghost". I have changed the main characters name, and I have also changed a lot of the text. This was all apart of the assignment though, and I will list the original name below among other things.

Ji Kang- main character. Kang was a scholar, and I also learned that he was a great poet and musician in his time (224-262 A.D). He was also the leader of the Seven Sages of the Bamboo Forest School. (I have changed his name to Jay King to make it easier for younger children to read and understand.)
Seven Sages Bamboo forest school- I looked this up on the Internet and found: When things weren't going well in their government people would come together and discuss different things. These discussions included poetry and music. Some people were actually in the government, but were so disgusted with it that they abandoned it and chose to learn other things. This group also consisted of seven men, Ji Kang was one of them.
Lyre- Musical instrument that Ji Kang was originally playing. This is a stringed instrument in the shape of a U. It belongs to the harp family, and was used mostly by Greeks. (I changed it to where Ji Kang is playing a harp in my story. I thought it would be easier to explain a harp than a lyre in a story.)

The Scholar and the Headless ghost:
Jay King was smart in many ways, and liked to venture into the country every so often. One evening, when the sun was slowly setting, Jay decided to rest under a tree. He was all alone, and there was no one around. Jay took out his small harp and began to play a few songs.
Suddenly Jay King heard someone clapping. When he turned around he found that no one was there.
"Who is it?" He called into the darkness. A low moaning voice answered him and said, "I am a ghost. I have lived here for thousands of years, and when I heard you playing on your harp I couldn't help but clap."
"Will you come closer so that I can see your face?" Jay King asked.
"No," said the ghost, "I am an ugly ghost, and you wouldn't like the way that I look. Can I listen to you play for awhile?"
Jay King nodded and started to play a few more songs on his harp. His curiosity over came him though.
"You can come out now. It's dark, and I promise not to make fun of your looks." Jay King said. The ghost sighed and drifted out of the shadows. His looks weren't perfect at all. He in fact was a headless ghost, and as white as the moon that was above them.
"May I play your harp?" The headless ghost asked. Jay nodded and handed his harp over to the ghost. The Headless ghost played a few familiar songs, but Jay King noticed one song that interested him. The ghost agreed to teach Jay King this song if he promised never to teach anyone else.
"Thank you." Jay King finally said. The ghost's head smiled.
"Don't tell anyone about me. It's getting late now I think I should go. Thank you very much for bringing my dead heart back to life with your music."
"I'm sorry you have to go." Jay King replied.
"We've only known each other for awhile now, but it feels like we've been friends for years. Good bye." The ghost waved a white hand, and disappeared.
The End.
The message that this story is trying to put out is hard to understand, but if you think about it for awhile like I did it will make sense.
Notice that Ji Kang was very understanding about the ghost, and because of his kindness he was able to learn something valuable.

Monday, May 4, 2009


I couldn't figure out how to put my poetry book on my blog as a slide show.... Mainly because I couldn't find anyone to do it for me.... ANYWAYS I posted it all on one post and I hope you're happy!!
-mickie c

Response to WebQuest: Poetry Book

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Response to WebQuest

PoEtRy QuEsT:

I decided to pick the poetry quest and challenge myself a little bit. The project was a little difficult to figure out since I had to post all my work on my blog, but I figured it out in the end. I've decided to give you a little bit of information on what a poem is and what I've learned about poems. I will list all the different kinds of poems and will even write a few of my own at the end. All of the example poems by the way are my own. I didn't copy, while I was learning I made them all on my own. That seems pretty simple right? Let's get started.

What is a Poem? A poem is basically a form of writing. Poems can represent something, tell a story, or have information in them. To sum it all up a poem can have whatever you want in it. Not all poems have to rhyme either. There are also many different kinds of poems.

Different kinds of poems: Hardly anything in life is the same, for example things come in different shapes and sizes. Poems are the same way.
Acrostic Poem- An Acrostic Poem is very fun to make. This is a poem that forms a word down the page. For example:

  • Helen
  • Yellow roses.

Normally you wouldn't have the little dots next to your poem but this is how it goes.

Couplets- Yes, it has a very weird name but it is in fact a poem. This is a simple two lined poem that rhymes. Also an easy way to remember how to write this poem is think of the word couple, which means two.

  • I love flowers but I hate bees.
  • I love rivers and climbing trees.

Triplets- This poem is very similar to a Couplet but instead of two rhyming lines it has three. This poem matches its name as well.

  • I call my grandpa pappy
  • Because he is so happy
  • Except when he acts crappy.

Quatrains- I learned that a Quatrain is a poem that has two Couplets in it. That is what makes it a Quatrain. (Your poem should make sense though.)

  • Andy went to school today
  • Down in the mouth and not wanting to play.
  • Lisa went and sat with him
  • And this made Andy grin.

I also have to add that it took me a few minutes to understand this poem. Notice that the two Couplets rhyme differently. After practicing it for a few minutes though I understood it.

Cinquain- Even though Cinquain kind of rhymes with Quatrain they are in fact two very different kinds of poems. A Cinquain is a five lined poem that doesn't necessarily rhyme. I got on the internet and studied a few of these poems and noticed that they are written in a diamond shape. They also have adjectives and adverbs in them, depending on how you write it.

  • Rain
  • Cold, damp
  • Dripping, freezing, splashing
  • I'm wet.

If you pay attention you will see that this poem starts with rain. It then goes on to describe the rain, and after that it describes what 'I' did in the rain. Finally ending with what 'I' am. I think the best way to sum up this poem is basically telling you to start with a subject, describe it, say what the subject does, and end with something that the subject means to you.

Free verse- The name of this poem says it all. I found out that this poem doesn't really have any rules to follow. You can set it up in any format that you want, and it doesn't have to rhyme.
You can do anything you want with this poem. (I chose to write it in a diamond format because that is how I saw it written most often.)

  • One day,
  • I will grow to be tall and strong.
  • No one will be able to tear me down or make me cry
  • I will make a name for myself
  • And I won't let anyone take my dreams from me.

Limerick- I have to be honest with you. A Limerick is a little bit tricky. I had to look at the format a few times to understand it. This poem combines a Couplet and a Triplet. Lines 1,2, and 5 rhyme with each other. Lines 3, and 4 rhyme with eachother too. You CAN'T mix this up though or it won't be a Limerick. (Honestly I'm not sure if my example is quite right, but I tried.)

  • I love to climb my trees.
  • I enjoy rolling in thier leaves.
  • But when their branches broke in a storm,
  • I couldn't climb them anymore.
  • Now all I can do is listen to the breeze.

In my defense though I would like to say that I did follow the form for my limerick. :)

Haiku- The Haiku poem is another intersting one. This poem has to have a whopping 17 syllables and you have to write it in three lines. Rhyming isn't necessary in this poem. The only thing you really need to focus on is the syllables. When I was writing mine I went through half of my note book...

  • When I was young
  • My mother would sing to me
  • Until sleep finally came.

With my Haiku poem if you count all the syllables you would get 17. It takes awhile but in the end its worth it.

Other things you put in Poems: When ever I hear the word 'poem' I automatically think about similies and metaphors. Well, these are only a few of the things I would need to know before actually starting my poems.

Similies- A similie is very easy to work with. Similies aren't just used in poems though, they can be used in regular sentences too. When using a similie you are comparing things with the words like or as.

  • He smelled as bad as a pig.
  • She gazed at me like a hawk.

That wasn't very hard was it? I like working with them, but if you do get mixed up that's ok.

Metaphor- I have always forgotten how to properly use a metaphor. YOU DO NOT USE LIKE OR AS WHEN YOU'RE WRITING A METAPHOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With a metaphor you're just describing or comparing things.

  • Angie was a leopard on the track.
  • Mark is a pig when it comes to his room.

In my first sentence Angie was a leopard, NOT like a leopard. In the next sentence Mark is a pig, NOT like a pig. (I would just like to say that Mark needs SERIOUS help........... just kidding.)

Alliteration- This is one of the other things that you should always keep in the back of your mind. An alliteration is where all the sounds in the beginning letters match.

Don't ditch detention Dave.

Remeber though that when using an alliteration it's about the SOUND matching not just the letters.

Personification- This is very fun. The name really says it all. Personification is basically describing something that isn't alive, like it really is alive.

The sun smiled down on us that day.

This isn't hard at all to get the hang of. Sun's don't smile.... That is so obvious.

Well now that I'm done telling you about all that I learned I'll write down a few more poems. You can try to guess which technique I used. :)

  • Math is so very boring
  • Especially in the morning
  • Even though my eyes grow weak
  • I try to fight the sleep.

  • Today I met the funniest man
  • And this funny man called himself Dan.
  • His arms wiggled like jello
  • And his hair was bright yellow.
  • But when Dan saw me... he ran...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Response to Part Two: My plan

Like my sister was at my age I am very confused about what I truely want to be. Deep down I have always wanted to major in english, and become a writer. My opinions have always had a way of flowing out of my mouth uncontrollably, as you may already know. My family suggested I put it all on paper a few years ago and I've been passionate about it ever since. I think that whatever I write could inspire people to follow they're dreams. Of course I'm not saying that I'm perfect at this. Writing is just something that I enjoy, and it's really the only thing that makes sense. Being a writer isn't all about writing fiction stories. I could write about the important things, like what we can do as a nation to help eachother. Ever since I started reading I loved the idea of being able to put something amazing on paper. After reading the article I started thinking about how small ideas can make big changes. Every person in this country should at least attempt to help. They just don't know it yet. Maybe my ideas will create ideas in other people. Every successful person living and breathing has had a dream some what like this. Every great plan begins with a dream, or an idea. All it takes is a little push and something amazing will happen. Writing probably seems really dull to some people, but it's the world to me. If I ever get the chance to help someone make a difficult discision then it will be worth it. Yes, it's going to take a lot of practice, but maybe someday what I write will make a difference. To me a single sentence can inspire millions of people. You never know... That could be my sentence.
If that doesn't work out for me I was thinking about public speaking or something like that. I've always had a problem with argueing and wanting my voice to be heard. Why fight it? I could argue about so many important things that obviously aren't being done. For example when George Bush was in office I used to say "I just want to walk up to the white house and tell him he's old, dumb, and sounds funny!" :) To bad I never got the chance. ANYWAY... If I decide to follow this maybe I'll be able to reach the hearts of people and make them listen. Let's face it americans aren't good listeners.... Just kidding.
AND IF THAT DOESN'T WORK..... I might study law. I've been thinking about it lately and it sounds interesting. Look at it this way, if we didn't have people inforcing law and order we would be a mess, and that's all we need right now! All of my career ideas are alike in the same ways. It involves helping people, and making a difference. I know that if this is going to be my career I'm going to have to work extra hard, but who knows it might not be. I know that I should be thinking about a single career but hey this is me we're talking about here. Desicion making hurts my brain, but I do take things seriously. Like that article... I know I take things for granted like I said before. I also know that I should have changed my ways a long time ago. I suppose that every kid needs a wake up call. Personally I think have back up plans for my future is great, even though writing is what I'm aiming for. I hope that whatever I decide I will make a difference. Who knows...I could be famous someday. If so I'll send you a postcard.

Response to Part One: Someone to look up to

The assignment we were given was to write about someone who was making a difference. The second I read that I immediately thought of my sister. I know that we were told to write about somebody ALREADY making a difference, but she's GOING to make a difference someday.
For several years now my sister hasn't been able to decide what she wanted to do as a career. She went back and forth with so many different ideas which were all equally great. We called it her personal road block.
When my Grandfather died of cancer Dj over came her road block and decided to become a doctor. I know that in the article it stated doctors were probably one of the things that were being affected by our economy in a way. If people can't pay then docotor's can't help. Well the idea of my sister wanting to be around people who were going to die anyways confused me. I asked her why she chose this and she said, "I want to show people that a simple test is not the final answer. I want to save them because I couldn't save him." She was talking about my grandpa of course. To sum it all up, my sister wants to 'fix' people, and I think that's something to look up to.

To have that kind of goal takes a lot of thought and it isn't going to be easy for. She already knows that of course. Dj is the kind of person that finds problems and fixes them with no questions asked. I look up to her everyday, because everyday she teaches me something new. I know someday I'm going to have to grow up and find a way to help too... I hope that when I do decide she will be there guiding me. She's got the kind of spunk every 17 year old should have, and many of them do. The thing that makes her desicion special is the fact that her career choice is all about making people better, helping them, and succeeding in life. I also know that doctors are needed everywhere.
I have to be honest about the article... It got a little boring towards the end BUT I PAID ATTENTION. I remember it mentioning something about how the only way to fix all of our problems is starting from the bottom and working our way up. Well that screamed DJ to me. She's a senior and not yet starting her studies, I know, but she has a plan. And in that plan she wants to be somebody. If everyone was as driven as my sister then maybe that would be the beginning of fixing whatever problems we have.
I believe that Dj could make an impact on several people. She could show them that just because she comes from a small town she can still accomplish a goal. If you think about it America could do the same thing. Just because we have a bad economy now doesn't mean we can't work hard, set a goal, and get better later. Dj is going to give so many people a second chance at life, and that's worth writing about. I'm not just saying this because she's my sister. I'm writing about this because the whole idea is interesting to me.
I know that a lot of kids at the moment aren't even thinking of college or any kind of future. Mainly because they don't believe in themselves and its to expensive. I agree. It's a problem that needs to be dealt with. My sister mentioned something about President Obama to me today. She said that he had a lot of good ideas to help the U.S., and it also involved younger kids that can't afford medical care to get it all for free.
I'm probably way off base here but I think that what my older sister wants to do is the right thing. Not a lot of kids her age are willing to go that far and make that kind of commitment. Who knows what will happen in the next 4 years. Things could get worse or better. I've always thought that this country walks on thin ice every day. We will just have to see if we make it by a slide or break through the ice. What can anyone expect. America could have fixed this problem years ago, or prevented it from happening. I suppose we're the original procrastinators

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Paragraphs Below